JIAMCATT 2016 will be hosted by the World Meteorological Organization in Geneva, from 27 to 29 April 2016.
The theme for JIAMCATT 2016 is: Technology as an agent of change.

The JIAMCATT Liaison Committee sought Proposals for Presentations at JIAMCATT 2016 from 9 December 2015 until 14 March 2016. After vetting by the Liaison Committee, approved proposals have now been integrated into the Draft agenda, which can be consulted here after logging in. Please note that this agenda is still subject to change without notice.
Online Registration ended Friday, 22 April 2016. (opened Monday, 18 January 2016)

Regular registration for participation in person is now closed.
Late registrations will be considered by the Host organization, WMO, on a case-by-case basis.
Persons registering late SHOULD NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES book travel to Geneva or accommodation in Geneva which they cannot cancel free of charge, until WMO confirms you may attend.
Confirmation will come from the email address < jiamcatt2016 (at) wmo.int >. Make sure email from this address is not redirected to your spam or junk mail box.

Registration as a remote participant is not affected by this deadline and continues to be open; no confirmations for remote participants will be given.

Developers wishing to exhibit their products have made arrangements with the host organization.
All such exhibits will be outside the JIAMCATT event.
All Exhibitor space has now been assigned. No further requests can be entertained.

JIAMCATT 2015 was hosted by United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA, 8-10 April 2015.

The Conclusions and Recommendations of JIAMCATT 2015, as passed in the final plenary session on 10 April 2015, are available here. As was the case in 2014, these are accessible to all, without the need to log in.

What is JIAMCATT ?

Created in June 1987 at the United Nations Office at Geneva, the Joint Inter-Agency Meeting on Computer-Assisted Translation and Terminology, renamed in April 2006 to International Annual Meeting on Computer-Assisted Translation and Terminology (JIAMCATT), provides its partners with a forum for debate, exchange of expertise and cooperation in the fields of computer-assisted terminology and translation, interpretation and documentation retrieval. It works to establish a proprietary terminology and information repository common to all participating organizations.

To this end, JIAMCATT intends to enhance exchanges among languages services of international organizations and national bodies in order to promote the pooling of the partners' terminology resources to make them accessible to all in electronic form.

Today, JIAMCATT membership includes partners from most international organizations, as well as from various national institutions active in the field of terminology and translation.

If you wish to join JIAMCATT as a partner and have access to the common multilingual terminology resources available on the restricted site, you must first request a user ID and a password.

For more detailed information on the registration procedure, please contact JIAMCATT at the address indicated below:

JIAMCATT Secretariat
Ms Hannah Riley, JIAMCATT Secretary
Translation Management Unit
European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)
Brussels, Belgium

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Upcoming Events

1)  Wed, 27 Apr 2016
JIAMCATT 2016 logo
will be hosted by the World Meteorological Organization in Geneva, from 27 to 29 April 2016. (both links require log in)